When work sucks and people are mean @labels_out takes me to yummy food places and buys me super big bottles of wine. Life is good with wine.

Great start to a great day. #teva #teva4eva

You know she is a keeper when she buys you a gift certificate to your favorite bike shop! #valentinesday #bestgiftever

I need it to be 5pm. Right meow. #tgif

Tampa Bay sunset run.

Googling….. #fupa

I mean I guess it’s Super Bowl weekend? #honeypot #lesbians #toomanyflatbilledhats

Post race brunch!! @bestdamnrace #10k #pr (at Lenny’s Restaurant)

Today I got to wear my jacket in Tampa. I’m pretty excited. #imisswinter

Being sick on Gasparilla day sucks, but at least I have my Teddy to keep me company. #sickday #kittenlove

Pop Tarts.

Ok. So I’ve done a lot of research and figured out the best way to eat a pop tart. First you eat off the edges on the bottom half. Then you eat the bottom half. Then you eat towards the top and leave the edges for the last bites. Then repeat on second pop tart.

I heart this Theodore fellow. #devonrex #instakitten